I'm On A Mission, You In?

My name is Anne Marie and I'm a stay at home mom of two rambunctious boys, who is doing my best to build a fitness empire from my humble kitchen table. (Ok, maybe not a real empire, and certainly not an evil one. Maybe I should say something more like  I'm trying to create a world that has a love for all things fitness. Better.)

As a personal trainer and nutritional coach, I love showing how a little work on the body, paired with a whole lotta love in the kitchen, can literally transform your body, health, and mental fortitude (which we need working for us, not against us, on a daily basis in this crazy-busy world!)

I can totally relate to the difficulties in being able to find the time to take care of a household, run a business, play on the floor, keep the clothes clean, and cook a wholesome meal each night, while finding the time to stay sane and healthy! (Some days are better than others.)

Weโ€™re pulled in all sorts of directions that itโ€™s easy to let some things fall by the way side. A missed workout here, a fast-food dinner there. These things can quickly add up though, and in no time we can easily find ourselves in a rut, feeling depleted, and utterly exhausted.  (Calgon anyone?)

This is exactly why I developed Project Slim Waistline. The focus is on quick workouts , no matter if it's only 5, 10, or 15 minutes that you have in a day to spare, and food that is easy to prepare that tastes amazing with only a few simple and fresh ingredients that will have your kids saying, Mom, you make the best food! (Actual quote from my 5 year-old... I may have done a legit Jersey Shore fist-pump after hearing that. #dorkymommoment) 

So what's I'm trying to explain to you is that my goal is to help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they are, and no matter where you're starting from.

Join me and let me help you get started on creating a new, healthy lifestyle for you and your little crew of lovable misfits!

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