I Want Sick Arms...

I'm talking like "Wow, I'm not even flexing and they look awesome arms, do you think we can do that?" Recent request from a friend. Down and gimmie 20. Since most (read: all) women I train, push ups are the bane of their existence, that request wasn't taken seriously. Plan B.

Lift Much?
Yup, time to get the paperweights. Those things in the corner of your office, holding down that stack of papers. Pick them up. Nope, arms won't get too big.

So here's the thing, in order to get the arms your friends will be jealous of, and make comments at parties like, "Oh wow... look at your arms.. I can only wish! You must have good genes!"(rrrrrrright you think), you need to actually pick up something heavy. And quite often. If you're not into picking up your own body (as in pushing it up off the floor), then weights are a suitable Plan B for you. It's quite the effective way in changing the composition of your body. Think fat to muscle. (Notice I didn't say fat to "bulging" muscles. Booyah.)

Next Steps...
Pick up weights and do this... 

Tricep kickback
Stand with one leg in front of the other, tuck your hands (that have weights in them) into your armpits. Proceed to extending your arms until they are straight and reaching for the sky behind you. Bring 'em back home next and then send 'em back out. After a few reps, that's when you hold them back and then pulse 'em. That'll get into your shoulders a bit but hey, all's fair in love and workouts!

Static lunge pulse with military press
Stand with one leg in front of the other, elbows bent and out to the sides, hands (that have weights in them) are right in your peripheral. Lower body down by bending your knees. Then stand back up and as you do that, raise your arms up and tap the weights over your head. Reverse motion heading back into the lunge and arms back to their starting position. Roger that.

3 Legged Dog to Plank Toe Tap
I call it that because I don't know how else to say it. Find your inner dog and lift a back paw. Then press your hips up and extend lifted paw up into the air, as high as you can. Reverse motion and bring yourself back into plank pose, tap your paw on the floor, and then back up to the sky your paw goes. Woof. 

These exercises are ones that require a set for each side, so you can do this in one of two ways. First, you can start with 10 reps on each side and then move to the next exercise and go through for however many rounds as you can until you become super fatigued. (Maybe that's somewhere between 5 - 10 rounds.) 

Or, you can go through once doing just one side for 1 round, and then do the other side for round 2, alternating sides each round. Again, go until you're basically so tired you're almost falling over. (Not really, but you feel me.)

As always, let me know what you think of this routine and if you think it can get you the sick arms you're after, my friend!