The Park Bench Full Body Workout

Sometimes living in an apartment can really screw you. Some things you can look past or you learn how to deal with, like the single guy upstairs with the revolving bedroom door, or the folks across the hall cooking fish for the umpteenth time, leaving the hallways to smell like the South Street Seaport of old. Even the slightly larger issues, like fearing Social Services knocking on your door because you screamed so loud at your kids it was heard all the way down to the lobby, get old. But one thing you can't really get away with is the working out in your living room. The jumping jacks alone will send your neighbor below into such a tizzy you'll end up with board members making discreet suggestions on how to control your kid's activities while indoors (because you blame your kids of course). 

Taking it outdoors becomes your only option, and while colder months mean a stronger will to get out there (read: working out will just have to be put on hold - what kind of trainer am I?? you're probably thinking to yourself!), when the warm weather does come, you don't feel as screwed. But then you have that gosh darn inner voice pestering you with questions that come with exercising in public. Am I sure I'm doing this right? Do I look like a fool? Are people judging me right now? (In answer to that last question, my advice, just stop asking yourself that forever, because yes, they are ;) Ignore the inner banter going on in your head and drown it out with a kick ass playlist that gets you pumped and moving like no one is watching. You need to exercise, and a park bench provides you with a total body workout you can do in less than 20 minutes, so screw the masses; they wish they had half your gumption! 

So here's what you do first... Click on the image to see the workout in action! Next, find yourself a park bench and get to it!

Always pay attention to your form! Slightly engaging your core will help you get the most out of these exercises, and build strength and power. Try doing 3 rounds of 10 reps each and if that's not enough, add more rounds! Try getting up to 10 rounds.

And as always, happy park benching! :)