Quickie Workout!

No quickie ever felt so good... weeeelllllll, no quickie ever left you feeling so satisfied.... uummmmm, ok, no workout quickie ever left you feeling this awesome in a matter of minutes! This is the epitome of quick when it comes to working out, for reals! This workout can be done in-between applying your concealer and mascara. The only thing you'll notice different is your heart will be pounding! And you'll be smiling. You will. You're gonna feel good, and it didn't take much to do it. Maybe this workout is best saved for a Monday morning, so you can start your week off right with just a wee bit of effort.

For this quick and satisfying workout, I want you to grab your big boys.. you know the ones collecting dust in the back of your closet, or under your bed. The 5 pounders, the 6'ers, and maybe even the 8's you got packed away. Big dogs are needed for this short and intense burst 

Go get them. I'll wait...

Ok, this workout is only 2 moves, but you're going to work almost everything you've got, so get ready! The video is below so click on it and take a lookie'see. I'd like you to do 10 reps of each exercise, doing one right after the other with no rest in-between. Once you do both, wait 30 seconds and do them both again for 10 reps each. Wait another 30 seconds and repeat. Do this five times. That'll come to a total of 50 reps for each exercise. Booya! And you're done. Super strong workout done in mere minutes. Tell me you can't do this, just try! I'll come over and take your weights away. I will!