The Phone a Friend Workout

This isn't actually the workout where you go to the gym, snuggle up on a treadmill and phone your friend for the duration... we don't do those things here. We're old school. This literally means phone up your friend and make a plan to meet in the park for an awesome sweat session.

It won't take long, because again, we're not about that here. We like to be efficient (we have too many other things that need to get done - laundry, pick-ups, breakfast dishes... oh the #momlife. Working out these days is more to maintain my sanity so I don't lose my sh*t after the umpteenth time I'm asked to do/get/fetch/clean something from my little ego-centric bosses, than to look hot in a pair of... what? What's even in fashion these days?! Anyway... you feel me. Time is limited. End rant.)

Find your fellow fitness pal and at best, you'll have a fun time trying out these moves and get in a fun workout... and at least, you'll laugh.. a lot. Win win.

What we have here are three move:

1. Plank/Squat Push Up
2. Supported Squats
3. Legg Toss

Try for three rounds. Before moving onto the next exercise, switch positions on 1 and 3. 
Do 10 reps, the first round and if that's too easy, add more reps the 2nd and 3rd rounds. If 10 reps works, then just stick with that and work it!

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!