Pardon Me While I Bare it All (Well most of it anyway!)

Not exactly what I was prepared to do, but if it's to show that what I do for a living really, actually works, and that I'm a legit player in the weight-loss world.. well then it had to be done! I needed to show my own personal before/after pic. (Did I ever tell you I'm more of an introvert than extro?)

To set the stage, earlier this year I wanted to lose a few inches off my belly (who doesn't right?), and I wanted to tone up my arms (again, who doesn't?). In an effort to keep myself accountable, I took the obligatory "before" pic... and I posted it online. (Not fun. But no one laughed so it was ok, despite being mildly embarrassing... because I'm a trainer and I was kind of outing myself for being lazy. Bad for business. Or good... hmmmm?)

Fast forward to last week when I took the "after" pic. Clearly there is only one thing I can say....

Those boobs are real! And no, I didn't go buy a push-up sports bra for the "after" pic. That's the same sports bra in both photos. That was a real deal side effect from doing my program. (How cooooool is that?) I didn't even have "boob-lift" set as a goal. 

And here is the front pic...

(Let's give a nice round of applause to the summer sun for a little tan and it's nice dose of vitamin D, which clearly I needed!) What other things you may notice is that my tummy is a little firmer—even if my bellybutton is a little askew... never noticed that before! I'll thank my two kids for that! 

But in all seriousness, this is what 40-something looks like and I have to say, I've never felt this good, felt this strong and healthy, and never thought that after two kids, my body would look better than it did when I was in my 30's. (Right? I remember lamenting on my apartment floor about how having kids was going to make me fat and I would lose my figure... as I ate pizza and drank barrels of wine!) Direct quote from my husband, "You're so much hotter after two kids!" Another round of applause please ;)

In closing, I really do my program, I really do the workouts, and I really eat the food I recommend. And those of you who know me, up close and personal, know that I also really do cheat at times! That's what it's about, balance and staying sane while trying to be your best you yet! Spend 28 days with me and begin your journey to create a new, healthier, hotter you ;)